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European Stars and Stripes
May 05, 1945

Stars and Stripes historic newspaper content now available for duplication and microfilm subscriptions, presently offered only by Heritage Archive.

Stars and Stripes, daily newspaper of the U.S. military, has partnered with Heritage Archive to distribute its entire microfilm archive. The recently signed agreement, which also includes microfilming of current Stars and Stripes issues, allows Heritage Archive to duplicate and distribute microfilm copies of the newspaper's content. Unique among newspapers, Stars and Stripes today covers the "hometown" that is the U.S. military community, especially overseas. The partnership gives libraries, historical societies and educational institutions access to military news and content never before available.

About the Stars and Stripes collection

The Stars and Stripes microfilm collection consists of more than 1,200 unique reels of film, comprised of the Stars and Stripes European Edition since 1942, the Pacific Edition since 1945, and the Mideast Edition since 2003. Individual microfilm reels, yearly subscriptions to ongoing publications, collections of conflicts (including World War II, Vietnam, the Gulf War and more) and entire editions are available to enhance your library's microfilm collection.

The Stars and Stripes historic collection contains:

  • European Stars and Stripes (1942 – Present)
  • Pacific Stars and Stripes (1945 – Present)
  • Mideast Stars and Stripes (2003 – Present)

Sample Images

"Nazi Winter Line Cracking," North Africa Stars and Stripes, February 10, 1943

"U.S. Picks Lunar Landing Team," Pacific Stars And Stripes, January 11, 1969

"Contra probe gets new life," European Stars and Stripes, July 10, 1991

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